Covid Relief in India


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CocoCart is a firm believer of helping our country and giving back to the society during these difficult times.

As we’re aware, Covid-19 has affected most parts of the world and has emerged as a global pandemic. There has been an increase in the number of cases after the lockdown of 2020 was lifted and India stands to be one of the most affected countries with a huge loss in livelihoods and increasing death rates.

CocoCart is the exclusive distributor of Valrhona, the pride of France in India. Together, we have come forward to provide help and support towards Covid Relief in India. Collectively, we are donating 10% of sales proceeds collected over a period of two months to ‘Doctors For You’. We wish to support relief efforts for our community in these trying times.

Doctors For You is a registered organisation founded in 2007. They are working on various projects in different states of India involving health professionals, disaster management practitioners, social workers and administrative staff. They have been one of the most active organisations in doing Covid-19 response work and have been making health-care interventions across the country.

The NGO has provided medical equipment to hospitals, distributed prevention kits and managed to set-up bedded COVID-19 care centres. Out of all the cities in India, New Delhi is one of the top cities which has been badly affected by the virus this year, and has reported several cases and deaths on a daily basis. Our contribution will help procure necessary medical equipment and medication required across four COVID-19 centres in the city.

We are grateful to the organisations working tirelessly to provide relief in this pandemic and truly believe in Valrhona’s mission of ‘Together, good becomes better'.