CocoCart launches its first ever ‘spot and shoot campaign’ in july, 2021. CocoCart’s newly branded car is sure to catch your attention. Motorheads Karan and Arjun Ahuja, our founders, are extremely passionate about sports cars and thus came up with the innovative idea of making a sports car the brand ambassador of COCOCART and making it a thrilling experience for the residents of mumbai!

The branded car would be travelling around the city of Mumbai from 1st july, 2021 and the idea is to engage our audiences to ‘stop and stare, shoot and share it on social media’ tagging @cococartindia to avail an exciting and unique offer code valid on their next purchase with us!

We’re also planning on doing this in other cities of our operations across the country and adding more cars to the ‘spot and shoot’ campaign for partner brands we represent here in India.

The Indian audience is also extremely fascinated by sports cars and this would be a unique and exciting experience, away from the regular ways of marketing; ads and life size billboards that are seen all around town! We are positive this campaign will leave a mark and is sure to be engraved in everyone’s mind and memories!