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CocoCart is India's #1 Omni-channel retailer and official distributor of Imported Chocolates. All our products are 100% authentic and sourced directly from brands. We make our deliveries using cold storage containers, so your favourite chocolates reach you in mint condition, ready for immediate consumption.

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These After Eight Mint Thins have the best combination of chocolate and mint.
But these Thin mints are very sensitive to temperature. A little higher temperature and the mint flows out and causes the chocolate to stick to the wrapper.
Till date, only Cococart has been able to supply these in their perfect condition.
Thanks Cococart, i just LOVE these thin mints, and you provide the best.

Abhaya Simha

My husband and I were introduced to Ritter Sport when we were in Germany six year back. Little did I know I could buy it on COCOCART — but there it was! Over the years, we've taste tasted many chocolate flavors, but this is by far the best. I bought some Ritter Sport Almond Bars for here to see the delivery and check if chocolates are send in proper condition i.e. without melting or not , but to my surprise everything came in perfect condition and next time we'll be buying for more!

Swara Gangurde

Exceptional collection of Neuhaus that were thoroughly enjoyed! Every piece was rich and delicate, with incredible flavor. Arrived quickly, accounted for, and no signs of melting. Couldn't ask for more.


Timely delivery of Wedel Dark Chocolates without any damage . It is always a pleasure to order from Cococart. Affordable chocolates delivered the right way. Delivery people are also polite and friendly. No questions about the quality and freshness . Will keep on ordering as often as my chocolates get over .

Nina Chatterjee

Splendid, nicely packaged . My expiration date was over 6 months away so the Godiva Signature Naps were fresh and not crumbled at all. Very fast shipping and Overall very happy with purchase and will be buying from Cococart again.

Suhani Lalwani

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